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I was born in Athens in 1982. 17 years latter, I graduated from Varvakio Lyceum of Athens. In the meanwhile I’ve keeping myself busy doing nice little electronics projects with analog/digital circuits and small microprocessors (PIC, AVR). 1999 was one of the most important years of my life. I was in Paros island for summer vacations when my parents called and told me I've been accepted at the Applied Mathematics and Physics faculty of National Technical University of Athens the leading university of Greece.

Amazing news, but it wasn't before May 2000 that I got actively involved to the academic research by travelling to Pylos and contributing to the NESTOR (Neutrino Extended Submarine Telescope with Oceanographic Research) project. My next project was also oceanographic related. In July 2002 I worked for NCMR (National Centre for Marine Research) and my good friend Dr Vasilis Zervakis in the development of a data logging system for the weather station of the Aigaion oceanographic research vessel.

In June 2003 I was represented our University in the Summer Student programme at CERN, "The world's largest particle physics laboratory... where the web was born"! It was an amazing experience and you can find more info in the CERN page of my web site.

Once I returned, in September 2003, I worked for the HarmoniQuA project and developed the JAVA edition of the "Guideline tool" (Guideline and Glossary) which later evolved to the MOST tool. In December 2003 I developed the client-tire JAVA GIS interface for the "Olive and Vineyard Registry of Greece" of the Ministry of Agriculture of Greece. This tool manages this complex Oracle Geodatabase and can present and edit fields all over Greece with detail level of a single olive tree. Thank god, it doesn’t include every single olive!

In October 2004 after these and many more projects, 63 courses and endless exams, I graduated from the National Technical University of Athens on-time and on budget ;). Apart from the great experience of programming a powerful DSP (Analog Devices' BlackFin) as my thesis project and the strong mathematics background I should mention the most precious thing I earned during these years; working with two great professors Dr. Manolis Dris and Dr. Theodoros Alexopoulos. I would like to thank them very much for their support during and after my studies.

In October 2006 I completed the MSc in Microelectronics Systems Design (System on Chip stream) from the University of Southampton, the top UK University on this subject. The course included several interesting projects like designing, creating layout, testing and generating software tools for a microprocessor completely from ground up, advanced cryptographic attacks and a software power estimation suite. My dissertation was on (simply put) creating a framework for writing and reusing quickly components for FPGAs that get re-configured at run-time. This framework was designed with Networks-on-Chip in mind and was inspired by web-services technology.

Now I’m in Cambridge, UK working for ARM, modelling the world’s most successful embedded CPUs.

So, what's next? Nobody knows!

Dimitris Kouzis - Loukas
Cambridge, 2007

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