I’m sorry dear friends but I have to present you in alphabetical order. I don’t have time to set any other order… I don’t have time to present any female friends as well (they would somehow misinterpret their existence and even more their non-existence in this list). Anyway, we all know it will be an incomplete list no matter how hard I try!

Alexopoulos Theodoros

Argyros Tassos

Truly a genius! I’m sure he will make it to the top and even higher. In fact it isn’t only that he is very clever and organizational. It’s more that he always takes the hard way home and by being extremely focused, he achieves to gain valuable experience very fast.
Distinguishing feature: Confidence

Athanasiou George

We are friends since high school. Although we have lost touch a little these last years, he is still one of the most important personalities and in fact it seems that we agree to most of our opinions. I’m sure that our personal histories will meet again in the near future.
Distinguishing feature: Humor

Baxevanis Alexander

Since we first met (early 1998) we have been best friends. Why? Because our temperaments are completely different! It’s extremely interesting to talk to Alexander because you will always be presented a completely different view about everything (while I will present a really strange view)! No need to tell that he has been the only person that would help whenever I’ve needed help. Distinguishing feature: Social

Dris Manolis


Katseris John


Mpetzios Panagiwtis


Swtiris Fragkiskos

Distinguishing feature: Introvert

What do all my friends have in common?
Appart from knowing me, all my friends share a single thing: They are ALL exceptional; no ordinary Greeks! They are all special and if you meet them, you will understand exactly what i'm talking about.