What is ?

doitforme.gr is a way to organize, promote, market and support products and services that I and my colleagues do for others. It's the business I've been running since 2002 and I know it like the back of my hand. It's based in three key concepts that produced many great products and satisfied customers all these years.

1. Save me from disaster! This is a two step process. You see that you have made some bad decisions. You have certain responsibilities that you can't handle your own because of many reasons e.g. lack of knowledge, lack of time or unforeseen - unexpected events. Deadlines are tight, you lose time to market constraints or your semester faces lack of failure. What can you do now? What you want at this moment is to find someone to tell him, "do it for me"! That's what doitforme.gr does for you. It will save you from failure just the right moment.

2. You have the idea, but is it right? 90% of the ideas we hear everyday have the concept, have the potential customers... but do not work! (I hate things that don't work). Why? Because they can not be get together within a reasonable business model. That there are a lot of problems that one can't see when he has a "great idea" that will make him millionaire.

  1. There are many ideas that have too many hidden costs that businessmen can't see on the beginning. Technicians may know but no one ever asks... The result is a disaster. Many ideas are excellent but there is a lack of infrastructure to support them. For example Greek Internet isn't fast enough to support many applications that may run excellent in other countries. Another example is the high price of GPRS services that makes a lot of applications non realizable.
  2. Legal issues. While your business is a small one, you don't have any of these problems. But when you will start having some tenths of competitors you will pray that you had a legal product. You won't be able to raise the price just because product A is legal while what I've been selling you all this time (product B) was illegal. Will your price be competitive for your legalized product? Information Technology products have a lot of legal issues that are hard to be solved by non-experts. In addition local laws different significantly so it's not as easy as it looks to "import" a product, service or idea.
  3. You can do everything, I know... But are you sure you can do everything? Even more, are you sure that you WANT to do everything? Are you sure that you want to do funding, programming, law practice, marketing, distribution and support for your product or service? Do you have the partners to make all these come true? How many and what kind of persons will you need for realizing your idea and make money out of it? Is it still profitable after realizing that you won't do everything yourself? What services exist to help you? Even if you have relative experience in other fields (e.g. retail sales), you will find moving to Information Technology extremely difficult.
  4. Are you in the right country? Are you sure that it's profitable to make development or assembly of your product or service in your host country? How much could you save if you were able to make production somewhere else and what are the conditions that will make such a decision right?

This is where consulting services come into play. And the most important is that you can have them for free. If your business isn't large enough, you won't have enough to pay (and it won't be meaningful to pay) for a specialized IT consulting service. So, in order to make the distinction, let's call consulting, "consulting" and what doitforme.gr does (for free), "discussion". Discussion means no guarantees, no reports, and no commitment. It means that you talk, doitforme.gr hears and asks questions until it understands completely what you have in mind. Then it makes a simple research and talks to you giving you confidence that you know 95% about what your Information Technology product or service will cost you, what loyal conflictions may arise, how many and what kind of people - partners you will need, where is the best place to make the production and if your plan is in the correct order and realizable. For the rest 5% you will have to buy some consulting. Even then you won't get any guarantees, just more confidence. It's your business after all!

3. You have the idea, it's right, you have the customers (it may be just you), but you don't have the knowledge. Ok, this happens every day. Obviously what you want is someone to tell him, "do it for me". This is where we both will make money and it's where doitforme.gr is clear with you. doitforme doesn't make production and this is very important. doitforme.gr does development. This means that doitforme's primary concern is to minimize production cost and lower time to market according to customers' needs.

Most production companies have small departments that make development. Their concern is to take maximum advantage of the low cost resources available in the company to minimize their cost. If they can do the job with 4 microcontrollers that they can buy for 1$ but in the retail they cost 4$ and just half an hour of programming with the one and only coder of the company you will end up with a board that costs 16$/piece. Thay may charge you almost nothing, but is this to your advantage? If you want 4 pieces it's OK but if you want more then this extra cost per piece must be considered seriously.

The most important problem is that if you aren't an Electrical Engineering expert, you will never understand that you have been cheated. In fact you haven't been cheated and that's why you lose and you can't do anything about it. The company, being more expert than you in this field, did what it had to do. Made money and promoted its own products while at the same time reduced its risks. Investing in development increases the risks of the company because no one will give this money back if for some unknown reason you decide not to proceed or stop after the first 100 pieces. And in fact you may be forced to stop early... Why? Because you have a product that costs at least 3 times more than minimum at the time it was released! Of course if beyond price you become extremely successful and you don't quit after some months, the company can make some extra development and release competitive products with 1/3 of the price. This will kick you off the market within months (This happens all the time with Chinese assembly companies, "Hey these shoes look exactly like Nike!"). Investing in development guards you, your profit and competence of your product. So...

Do invest in development, do buy the source code, schematics e.t.c., do explicit contracts for your exclusiveness of your product.

All these three are provided by doitforme.gr for both software and hardware - embedded projects. doitforme.gr does development and not production. In addition it provides many flexible ways for paying the development in order to get exactly what you need with minimum cost and risk from your side.

  1. In software engineering projects most customers want something and don't mind to market it themselves. So the development is being done for you for really low price but we reserve the right to market the product ourselves.
  2. You may also want some months of exclusiveness because the product will give you an advantage in the market but you still don't care for marketing it yourself. Ok, the development is being done for a minimum of price and you can buy months of explicitness. Then we can market it ourselves.
  3. If you still want to market it yourself, that's fine! We develop it, you pay the full cost of development and you take not only some prototypes but also the full source code - schematics e.c.t. and the right to market it exclusively.

Fair, isn't it?